An Online Training Course to Learn How to Teach Online | Former en ligne pour apprendre à former en ligne


  • Sylviane Bachy Catholic University of Leuven
  • Marcel Lebrun Catholic University of Leuven



This case study deals with the implementation of ongoing training, offered wholly through distance and online learning, and conducted within the framework of an inter-university partnership linking two European countries. The case story relates the experience of several instructional designers (called Academic Advisors in this part of French-speaking Europe) who were in charge of designing, developing, and implementing an online course as well as conducting follow-up assessment on the skills acquired. The project occurred over a period of two years, from the initial course design during the first year to its implementation during the second year. During the design phase, a number of issues arose with regard to the didactic method used, institutional isomorphism, and the digital platforms operating in the two universities. Hindrances and facilitating factors encountered in the second year, during the trainees’ tutorship and guidance, are also analysed.

Author Biographies

Sylviane Bachy, Catholic University of Leuven

Sylviane Bachy is a professor at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). She has led several educational research projects dealing with the integration of technology.

Marcel Lebrun, Catholic University of Leuven

Marcel Lebrun is a professor of educational technology and training at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) and academic advisor at the Institute of Pedagogy and multimedia (IPM) of this university. He led several research projects mainly on the topic of hybrid devices in higher education.






Online Learning from the Instructional Designer’s Perspective: Canadian and European French-language Case Studies