Teaching, learning, literacy in our high-risk high-tech world: A framework for becoming human, 2017. By J. P. Gee. Teachers College Press. 184 pages. ISBN 978-0-8077-5860-1


  • Helen J. DeWaard Lakehead University




In this book Gee draws on years of study in literacy, learning, and gaming culture to reconceptualize a future for education that confronts current global issues of peace, sustainability, and the battle for human dignity. Gee takes a deeper dive into how human development impacts teaching, learning, and literacy in today’s complex, tech infused world. This book offers insights in light of current global pandemic contexts. Gee suggests that teaching, learning, literacy, and the use of technology should start from a place of goodwill, while acknowledging that education spans within, across, and beyond the boundaries of home and/or school-based contexts.


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