“And the walls came a-tumblin’ down…” | Comment recréer l’ambiance propre au séminaire dans un cours en ligne?


  • Thomas Michael Power Université Laval




This case deals with a university program which is well respected but requires changes to be made to it as enrollments dwindle. Pressure from administration is making the Program Head and Program Committee members as well as Senior Instructional Designer LeFort consider new options for its delivery. Online learning is not a well-established practice among regular faculty although lecturers in the program are open to it. LeFort has to find a solution that maintains quality of instruction while increasing accessibility and enhancing cost-efficiency.

Author Biography

Thomas Michael Power, Université Laval

Michael is a full professor of Educational Technology at Université Laval in Québec City (Canada) and a former instructional designer. He is a member of the Experts Group for IFADEM (OIF-AUF) and a member of the BlendSync (Australia) Advisory Board as well as a researcher with the Research and Development Center for Academic Achievement (CRIRES). Author of A Designer’s Log published by Athabasca University Press, his research focusses on the role of the instructional designer and the use of educational technology in online learning at dual-mode universities.






Online Learning from the Instructional Designer’s Perspective: Canadian and European French-language Case Studies