The Encyclopedia of Female Pioneers in Online Learning, 2023.


  • Diane P. Janes Thompson River University



female pioneers, online learning, Bainbridge & Wark 2023


The Encyclopedia of Female Pioneers in Online Learning by Drs. Susan Bainbridge and Norine Wark is an overview of the work and experiences of 30 women - early adopters of online (OL) and distance education (DE) in their countries (although even they struggle with what to call their focus of study and practice, as discussed in Chapter 32). Building on the use of “…career profiles, original interviews, and research analysis…” (p. 1), the book is a testament to the space that women in this field, have occupied and continue to occupy in the modern-day world of technology enhanced global education. The book is divided into two parts.

Author Biography

Diane P. Janes, Thompson River University

Dr. Diane P. Janes is a Coordinator in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, Canada. Her career spans teaching, administration, and leadership in person and online. Her research and writing focus are on SoTL, transformative communities of practice, faculty development, women in leadership, online pedagogy, mentoring/coaching in technology enhanced environments, and instructional design. She is co-editor of the International Journal of E-Learning and Distance Education (IJEDE).


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