Metaphors of Ed Tech, 2022. By Martin Weller. Athabasca University Press. 192 pages. ISBN 9781771993500


  • Brian Lamb Thompson Rivers University



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In Metaphors of Ed Tech, Martin Weller explores the field of learning technology in both the broadest and deepest senses. Weller chooses the application of metaphors as a method, and the resulting book reads more like an enjoyable set of ruminations than rigorous investigation. Weller has long employed metaphors and analogies on his blog, going back to 2006, and in this book he sets out to apply this “more playful aspect of thinking and writing about educational technology (ed tech)” across its practice and culture (p. 3).

Author Biography

Brian Lamb, Thompson Rivers University

Brian Lamb is Director, Learning Technology & Innovation at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, Canada. He is a co-founder of the OpenETC ( and he posts on his blog Abject (


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