A Framework for Teaching Music Online. By Carol Johnson. Bloomsbury Academic.


  • Sandra Duggleby University of Calgary




online music education, higher education, teaching music online


In A Framework for Teaching Music Online, Carol Johnson formulates a clear and precise framework for teaching music online that is supported by 17 peer-reviewed articles she has authored on this topic. Well-known for her scholarship, Johnson’s framework is designed to guide online teachers of music through a well-reasoned and logical step-by-step process using clear communication, authentic design, and quality assessment. The three-part process explores her framework starting with design and assessment of case studies. She then focuses on practical application of designing an online teaching space using technology tools and approaches as supporting learning mechanisms. In the final section of the framework, Johnson capitalizes on future innovations that delve into sharing knowledge and creating professional learning networks. The framework masterfully allows for discipline specificity in an arts-based discipline with niche areas such as music performance, theory, history, and composition. Johnson ensures that authentic supports are in place for all.

Author Biography

Sandra Duggleby, University of Calgary

Sandra Duggleby, PhD, is a field experience supervisor and sessional instructor at the University of Calgary in the Werklund School of Education in Alberta, Canada. Curriculum and instruction are her areas of specialisation. Dr. Duggleby has teaching experience in Alberta and Saskatchewan and has recently retired as a K–9 educator.


Johnson, C. (2022). A framework for teaching music online. Great Britain: Bloomsbury.





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