MOOCs and Open Education in the Global South: A Review


  • Christopher Devers Johns Hopkins University, Lumen Research Institute



MOOC, Open Education, Global South, OER


This timely and eye-opening book from Ke Zhang, Curt Bonk, Tom Reeves, and Tom Reynolds, MOOCs and Open Education in the Global South (Zhang, Bonk, Reeves, & Reynolds, 2020), provides 28 chapters that describe the challenges, successes, and opportunities of MOOCs and open education from the perspective of 68 authors from 47 countries in the Global South ( Before those chapters, a detailed preface from the four editors lays out the journey that the world community took to get to this point in the metaphor of a wanderer who makes his or her path by pushing ahead and exploring the road in front. In addition, an insightful foreword is provided by Mimi Miyoung Lee from the University of Houston who had previously co-edited an award-winning book with Bonk, Reeves, and Reynolds; namely, MOOCs and Open Education Around the World (Bonk, Lee, Reeves, & Reynolds, 2015). Thus, consider the current book Part 2 of what is likely to become a many act play in the world of MOOCs and open education. With the foreword and preface, there are 30 pieces in total (Note: the front matter is available for free from:

Author Biography

Christopher Devers, Johns Hopkins University, Lumen Research Institute

Christopher Devers received a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from the University of Illinois, as well as a MS in educational administration and a BS in engineering and technology education from Purdue University. He is an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University and a Senior Fellow at Lumen Research Institute.


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