• Mohamed Ally Athabasca University
  • Weiyuan Zhang Beijing Normal University




MOOC, AI, TED Talks, GIS, K12, Heutagogy, cMOOC, Cognification, STEM, Connectivism, Remote education, Digital wellness


This special issue of the Canadian Journal of Learning Technology contains articles presented at the Rethinking Online Education in the Knowledge Society with Emerging Technology Symposium jointly hosted by Beijing Normal University, Athabasca University, and Chongqing Open University in November 2021. The symposium was organized by the Chongqing Open University, China.

Author Biographies

Mohamed Ally, Athabasca University

Mohamed Ally is Professor of Online and Distance Education at Athabasca University. His current areas of research include education in the fourth industrial revolution, mobile learning, online learning, distance education and use of emerging learning technologies in education. He is currently serving on three ISO committees to set international standards.

Weiyuan Zhang, Beijing Normal University

Weiyuan Zhang is Professor in the Faculty of Education at Beijing Normal University in China and specially invited expert at Chongqing Open University/Chongqing Technology and Business College. He was the former Chief Researcher, head of the Centre for Research in Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, Head of the Centre for Cyber Learning, School of Professional and Continuing Education at the University of Hong Kong, China.